Water Waste Calculator for Leaky Faucets

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Do you have a leaky faucet at home? If so, you could be wasting up to four swimming pools of water in one year! On a more relatable level, a typical drip of 10 drops per minute can fill 11 bathtubs in one year. Factor in another leaky faucet or two in the home, add a few neighbors doing the same thing, and now we have small communities essentially pouring water down the drain for no reason. Not good for the aquifer, or future generations that need access to clean water.

The Unites States Geological Survey designed a calculator to determine exactly how much water your home could be wasting. Use the frame below to plug in how many homes, faucets, and approximate number of drips are going down the drain. It adds up fast and serves as a reminder to save water; one of our most precious commodities.

USGS Website:

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