A story about eco-threats, doubting friends, worry, discovery and Choose Rain


How often do we get to choose something we really like and then find out it’s also good for us? Not often enough. But this is one of those rare times when our impulses can match our good intentions.


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Rainwater? Are you kidding?


Over the past two years I’ve discovered that my critics were right about some things (it’s complicated), wrong about others. Mainly, I found that people do care.


They care where their water comes from, how it’s treated — or mistreated. They care just like I did, when I first discovered that the ground water near my home was being contaminated by industrial dumping. I searched for answers and alternatives, and here are a few of my findings:


• Bottled water depletes the aquifer — normally it’s just plain tap water.

• Typically, bottled water is treated with chlorine.

• Often it has additives like minerals, fluoride or other substances.

• It’s bottled in plastic that can stay in landfills for 500-1,000 years.


Here’s how Choose Rain is different:

At Choose Rain, we do it differently, capturing rainwater that would otherwise be lost as storm water; that’s important, because studies show only 20% of rainwater ever makes it into the aquifer. From our collection pools, we filter and purify our rainwater naturally, without harmful chemicals, using ozone, ultra violet light and magnetics. Nothing is added, nothing needs to be removed. And we bottle it in biodegradable, recyclable BPA-free plastic that disintegrates in three-to-five years.


During my early days of experimenting, I served rainwater to my friends, and some began encouraging me in my idea. Others suggested I use it exclusively in brewing coffee, so I did. And wine-expert Tim Varan told me that it’s an excellent water for wine tasting. “The clean flavor, lack of chlorine taste and balanced acidity doesn’t get in the way of the subtle nuances in great wines.”


One thing led to another, and another, and now there’s a whole team of believers with our heads in the clouds.


And that’s the journey of Choose Rain, which has been my journey, too. I’ve discovered that every silver lining does have a cloud. A rain-making cloud.

And that’s a good thing.


From a Cloud Near You