Obesity – It’s not my fault!!!

Obesity – It’s not my fault!!!

Yep! It’s not my fault – Just supersize me please.

Some interesting facts:

  • Boys need 1,800 calories a day, while girls need only 1,600 calories daily.
  • Men need 3,200 calories a day, while women need only 2,400 calories daily.
  • If you add 200 calories a day to this, you will gain 20 pounds in a year.
  • The earlier you start, the heavier you will be by adulthood.
  • If you walk briskly for an hour, you will burn 250 to 350 calories.

Conclusion: Consume only the calories you can burn. Blame only yourself if you are obese. In the USA, we get to choose what we do. Going to McDonald’s is your choice. Drinking that soda instead of water is your choice. Sitting on your duff is your choice. This could be the end of my article, but…!

Obesity_Choose Rain Water_Bottled Wtaer_Rainwater Collection_Drinking Rainwater

I have forgotten about our children. If we allow them to supersize, drink sugary drinks, pound video games and watch tv all day, we are at fault. Children don’t control their activities and actions, we do! Children eat what we give them and follow our example. They don’t drive themselves to McDonalds.

Another interesting fact -Drink one half-liter soda every day above the calories you need and you will gain 20 pounds a year. The most striking change that occurs if you eat more calories than your body can use is weight gain. The average man may be able to handle the 20 pound gain the first year. What if you were an average 5 year old weighing only 41 pounds? A 20 pound weight gain each year would make you obese within two years and morbidly obese before you are 10. Obese children normally become obese adults trained by their parents to live on fast foods and sweet drinks.

Some say that we seem to be finally getting it! Fast food chains are offering a few healthy choices. Municipalities seek to ban extra-large sodas. Gyms are seeing increased attendance. Schools are even modifying their menus. Franchises like Wholesome Tummies, www.wholesometummies.com, offer help.

They “believe that by preparing healthy foods in creative ways, our children will discover the joys of fresh, natural foods and choose them consistently over less-healthy alternatives.” Childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate. The chart shows it tripling from 1980 to 2000. Even among the youngest of children, it’s clear that obesity rates are rising. It is obvious that it’s very hard for anyone who becomes overweight to lose weight. Preventing obesity in a child’s earliest years yields a lifetime of health benefits. And it’s the most promising path for turning around the global epidemic.

So, how do we do this? We as parents need to take charge. We need to educate ourselves and lead by example. It might not be the easiest path as eating healthy and getting exercise requires effort.

Play teaches us to use our Imagination, perhaps the most powerful human ability. Play gets the kids out of the house and physically active. Children should learn to love the outdoors and play outside on a regular basis. Play with them. Make eating – a family dining experience. Take time to prepare wholesome meals eating slowly while discussing positive family topics. Fast foods tend to foster fast eating away from the dinner table. Change how you think. Thinking about changing their drink to something else might surprise you. Swapping their Coke for Apple Juice or Orange Juice will compound your problem because they have more calories per serving than sodas. Educate yourself on the sugar and calorie content in foods. Simply make educated choices and engage the kids in the decision process. Grow your own vegetables. Planting and maintaining a garden with your child teaches responsibility, patience and makes the child excited to eat what you have grown.

Finally, drink water instead of soda or other sugary, flavored drinks. Water is zero calories. We need water to live, 6 to 8 glasses a day. I encourage drinking tap water that you have personally filtered and purified. I am not a proponent of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems as I personally feel that they kill the water. When you travel use refillable containers where possible to save the environment from plastic waste. When purchasing bottled water is necessary, choose the purest most eco-friendly bottled water available. I prefer drinking rainwater bottled in a biodegradable plastic bottle processed without chlorine. See www.chooserain.com. The little girl to the right is playing, burning calories by running around catching rainwater on her tongue. What fun!

Obesity – It is your fault!!!

But, you can rule! Just make healthy choices for you and your children. Change their habits and we can change the world by ridding it of childhood obesity.


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Larry Curran

Larry Curran

I have a passion for rainwater. In 2004, I built a home in Florida that uses rainwater as the only source of water. After retirement and 40 years as a CPA/ CFO, I formed Choose Rain, Inc., a small cap public company trading as “CHOS” OTCPK, to serve a sustainable need for bottled water with a low impact on the environment.
Larry Curran
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