Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. hponicspic1There are two chief merits of the soil-less cultivation of plants. Hydroponics typically produces much higher crop yields. Also, Hydroponics can be used where in-ground agriculture or gardening are not possible. It uses recirculated water, unlike conventional farming where excess water is absorbed into the earth or discarded.


Choose Rain© — Affordable Hydroponics Systems and Nutrients
Choose Rain© offers an environmentally conscious solution to the global water crises and agricultural decline. Our hydroponics systems are designed for any environment incorporating rainwater where possible. Our innovative magnetized water purification unit boosts plants growth producing higher yields. In Countries, where potable water is scarce and their soil is not suitable for farming, our systems offer hope for economic prosperity.


We will work in conjunction with land owners, farmers, local Government, Schools and local charities to provide affordable systems allowing locals to grow produce for sale and consumption. Choose Rain’s home and commercial systems, from 56 pots to 9,600 pot commercial systems, offer simplicity and maximum production. This can be life changing. A 780 pot system should support a family and provide residual income.


Our success should drive Rainwater and Hydroponic synergies that should spread throughout the world. Water shortages will cause global conflict where scarcity and necessity will govern our future. Rainwater should replace water from the ground as a primary source of supply for Drinking, Agriculture and Manufacturing. Rainwater, Hydroponics and Organic products will lead the way to a sustainable future.


Under the Flexagrow banner, Choose Rain, Inc. will manufacture and sell several Hydroponics units and the Nutrient.

Herbilicious Home System (2″ — 56 pots)
Flexagrow Home System (3″ — 56 pots)
Octagon Small Commercial System (2″ — 780 pots)
Octagon Small Commercial System (3″ — 780 pots)
Large Commercial System (60′ — 4,800 pots)
Large Commercial System (120′ — 9,600 pots)


The commercial systems have rainwater harvesting capabilities allowing systems to be located in positions where water is not readily available and also provide the crop with a much better source of water and nutrient.


The commercial systems also have built in greenhouses, they are fully self-contained and do not require the purchase of a separate greenhouse like other hydroponic systems reducing costs significantly.


Flexagrow’s Nutrient is rainwater-based, totally organic and provides everything a plant needs. It is priced to provide better value than products currently on the market.