Happy Earth Day 2015 from Choose Rain!!

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Today is the 45th annual Earth Day!! We covered the history of Earth Day in our last blog post, which also covered the expansion of Earth Day into full blown Earth Month, a month-long celebration of our celestial home.

Earth Day events are happening all across the world in destinations like Morocco, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, and on, even Transylvania has an event! We love the Earth at Choose Rain and we decided to bottle rainwater to help save our environment, and we fully support Earth Day and Earth Month, and practice a conservational lifestyle all year long.

You can help by saving & reusing water, by choosing recycling over trashing, by carrying re-usable shopping bags, by educating yourself about environmental issues, etc. Our planet is our only home, for now, and we’re passing it on to your kids and ours, we have a duty to protect it for future generations. It’s our turn to lead!

Learn more at Earth Day.org


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