Amazing Rainwater Street Art by Rainworks

One thing Seattle is known for is their rain, we discovered an artist who decided to take advantage of that. Peregrine Church from Rainworks​ found a way to create street art that only appears when it rains! Using a special liquid called Always Dry, he stencils areas around the city with positive messages to help keep a smile on people’s faces when it’s wet and rainy outside. We think every sidewalk should be filled with Rainworks’ inspired messages! Not only does this it keep a smile on people’s faces in rainy weather, but it looks like a fun family activity you can try out at home too! If you give it a try at home send us the result on Facebook

Just like Peregrine Church from Rainworks, we are proud to rainy, and we’re excited to see what happens when art Chooses Rain!

Proud to Be Rainy_Rainworks_Choose Rain

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