About our bottled water:
Choose Rain is all natural rainwater, with a clean, fresh taste purified first by nature, then ozone, ultraviolet rays, magnetics and micro filtration. Isn’t this the water you would likely choose every time?


The proof of quality is in the figures.
A General Mineral Analysis, compiled from bottlers’ own reports, shows exactly why Choose Rain is better. In fact, it’s more pure to begin with than most bottled waters are after treatment. The moral: Life is unfair. Just as trust fund babies start out with extra advantages, our rainwater does, too. Click Here to view the report



Here’s the Choose Rain process: 
It begins with droplets of water gathering Best Bottled Water, Benefits of Drinking Water, Bottle of Water, Bottled vs Tap Water, Bottled Water Brands, Bottled Water Health, Bottled Water Companies, Recyclable Materials, Recycle, Recycling, Drink More Water, Environmentally Friendly, Go Green, Going Green, How To Go Green, Collecting Rainwater, Bottled Water Without Fluoride, Rainwater Collection System, Biodegradable Water Bottlein clouds where they’re zapped and purified by the sun’s rays (UV light) and lightning (ozone)! When it’s time, they begin their long journey back to earth…sinking, tumbling, falling, but not all the way.


Just before they reach earth, there’s an intervention.

The droplets are gathered up in a giant sky pool. Here’s where we replicate nature’s purifying ozone and ultraviolet light, while floating the rainwater through a series of micro-filters that remove dust and other bits picked up on the long journey home. No chlorine, no added anything in the process. It’s all natural. Clean and pure again, the raindrops are magnetically re-energized and collected in a biodegradable, recyclable Choose Rain bottle. Pure. Simple.


About our bottle:
Our bottle is BPA-free, truly biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s made possible by ENSO, a company dedicated to bringing biodegradable technology to the plastic packaging industry. Tests have been validated by independent certified laboratories, which you can view by visiting the ENSO website.


Through microbial action, our ENSO bottles are broken down into biogases and inert humus, leaving behind no harmful materials. That’s because the bottles are made of a special plastic, with a natural organic material that’s like pizza or ice cream to landfill microbes. And unlike ordinary plastic bottles, ours break down into digestible bits that microbes, being the refined beings that they are, digest in tiny nibbles, not possible with other bottles.
We think you’ll want a guilt-free bottle just as much as we did, because…it’s 75% certain to end up in a landfill, no matter what. Don’t feel guilty anymore about drinking bottled water. Feel good again. Choose Rain.


Our bottle is just as important to our mission as is our rainwater.


From a Cloud Near You